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Building or Remodeling Duct Work

Air Duct Work Replacement & Installation in Long Beach, NJ

Most modern whole-home climate control systems rely on air ducts to transfer treated air throughout the house. Homeowners who are switching over from other more antiquated forms of home heating and cooling in the Long Beach, NJ area will need to have new duct systems installed before they can start using their new units.

New Duct Installations

Duct Installation is one of the first steps toward upgrading a home to a brand-new home heating and cooling system. Supply ducts must be installed to transport conditioned air to the many rooms of the house, and return ducts will be needed to bring air back to the furnace and air conditioning unit, usually found in the basement or crawl space.

For new installations, the process begins with a thorough home inspection. HVAC contractors will take the information uncovered in the inspection and use it to design a duct system that will maximize efficiency to ensure that the home will be comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

Replacing Old Ducts

Aging ducts are prone to a few different problems, all of which can negatively affect the system’s performance. If some rooms take too long to heat or cool or stay at a different temperature from the rest of the house, it may be a result of underlying ductwork problems.

Duct Leaks: If there are leaks in the ducts, it will cause the conditioned air to escape before it reaches its intended destination. This leaves heating and cooling units working much harder to get rooms to the desired temperature. It can also create problems with uneven heating and cooling, where some rooms will be too hot and others will be too cold.

Under-Insulated Ducts: Older air duct systems didn’t have as much insulation as their modern counterparts. As a result, the HVAC system must heat or cool the ductwork before it can even begin to change the temperature in the rooms, themselves. This leads to higher costs, making it take longer for rooms to reach the desired temperature, and leaves some rooms too hot or too cold.

Older duct systems are around 30% less efficient than modern air ducts, which can lead to some serious energy losses. It means that for every $3 that New Jersey homeowners spend on cooling their homes in the summer, $1 goes to cooling the attic instead of the living spaces. That inefficiency can really add up when it comes time to pay the monthly bills.

Airflow Imbalances: Airflow imbalances are caused by poor design. If the air registers aren’t located in the right places throughout the home, some rooms will get too hot or cold, while others will hardly change the temperature at all, even when the thermostat is set on high. Addressing this problem requires making structural changes to the air duct system.



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Why Have the Ducts Replaced?

While minor problems with newer ducts can usually be repaired, homeowners with aging air ducts that exhibit one or more of the problems described above are better off looking into Duct Replacement. While it’s true that updating an aging air duct system requires a substantial upfront investment, that investment will pay off in the long run in the form of increased comfort, improved reliability, and lower monthly heating and cooling bills.

Duct Repairs

Not all problems require replacing the ductwork entirely. If the system is newer and the problem is localized to one area, it may make more sense financially to repair the existing ductwork. This may require replacing components, patching leaks, or adding insulation as needed to keep the system functioning at maximum efficiency.

The best place to start is always with a professional inspection. In some cases, all the home might need is a thorough duct cleaning to return the system to its former level of efficiency. A reputable HVAC contractor will always take the time to explain exactly what the problem is and discuss all available options with his or her clients.

The Bottom Line

Know it’s time to install a new HVAC system or upgrade the home’s existing one for improved efficiency? Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers full Duct Installation Services. With years of experience in the industry, their contractors can provide hassle-free, professional service at prices homeowners can afford with no hidden fees or upselling.

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