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Gas Water Heater Installation in Long Beach, NJ

A water heater is an essential part of your home that keeps you comfortable by providing you with hot water when you need it most. It's also one of the most common objects in your home that require regular maintenance and repairs.

Leaking, bad breaker, failing to stay lit, are common gas water heater issues that may necessitate repairs or require a gas water heater replacement. Contact Experts from Express Plumbing for gas water heater repairs near me in Long Beach NJ today.

Suppose you're in Long Beach, NJ, diagnosing the problems and following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure that your water heater is trouble-free and lasts longer for many years.

If you struggle to maintain your home's gas water heater, you might be interested in learning about the benefits of having a professional water heater maintenance service.

Problems of Gas water Heaters and Their Solutions

Gas water heaters may experience different problems, and it's crucial to know how to handle them. The following are common problems we see everyday and how to have them fixed; preferably by a licensed plumber.

Leaking problems

If you're experiencing a lot of water entering your home, this could signify a cracked tank or a failed connection.

If you DO NOT know what pipe is what we advise you just speak with Express Plumbing first. Your water heater is fueled by gas and gas is not something to be missing with if you don’t know the potential dangers.

If the drain valve or water supply connection seems loose you can try to fix the problem by tightening. But, suppose you're experiencing a small amount of water leaking from your water heater and the connections all seem snug – try not to over tighten fittings, ensure the tank is level, turn the water supply off and call a plumber for same day service.

Bad Breaker

A water heater's breaker/thermostat is the switch that turns the power off to the tank. It ensures that the tank doesn't receive too much power and bursts into flames - MythBusters did prove that it CAN happen. If your thermostat is stuck or broken, the water heater receives too much power and could cause a fire. Call a professional plumber to replace the thermostat.

Failing to Stay Lit

Your gas burner may fail to stay lit due to several reasons. This can be caused by dirty or clogged air intake, obstruction in the vent, or high ambient room temperature.

Check if there is sufficient gas or if the gas pressure isn't enough. Calling the utility company will help should you find any problem and fix it before it can cause further damage to your home.

Lack of Hot Water

To see if your water heater is receiving enough power, look at the water temperature coming from your faucet. If your water isn't warm or hot, your gas water heater may not be receiving enough power, or you may have a faulty thermostat or heating element.

In addition, you can rule out a crossed connection by turning off the water supply and turning on the hot water faucet. If the problem persists, you need to contact a professional in Long Beach, NJ, to have your gas water heating elements replaced.



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Express Plumbing is Your Reputable Plumber

Leaks, faulty breakers, and low temperatures are signs of problems with the gas water heater. Don't wait to have them fixed if you notice any signs.

Instead, schedule an appointment with a gas water heater repair service near me – like Express Plumbing to help you maintain your heater in excellent working condition. Find out more about our services to get you started and make your home a haven of comfort.




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