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Beach Haven, NJ Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor



Whether you’re visiting or new to the area, we have so much to offer in this New Jersey beach community. From visiting historical landmarks like Beach Haven Town Hall to eating at the locals’ favorite Tucker’s Tavern, where you can enjoy great American classics right next to the water.


After a long day at work, what better way to blow off some steam than taking a walk on the beach without all the crowds? Beach Haven, NJ is a wonderful beach town that experiences all of the seasons. From freezing temperatures in the winter to scorching hot summers, the importance of a high-quality HVAC system can’t be overstated.


Tucker's Tavern in Beach Haven NJ is awesome restaurant

Meeting All of Your Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Needs


For all of your plumbing needs, you can give us a call. We offer a range of services to meet your every need, from repairing leaks and running water to installing water mains and water meters.

We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, no matter if it’s a clogged toilet or burst pipe. Have a drainage problem? We can clear the blockage! Stay code compliant by having us install your water meter which is now a requirement for all homeowners in Beach Haven, New Jersey.

We even provide insulation around your pipes to prevent your pipes from freezing when temperatures drop. Did you know that water that doesn’t heat up all the way or that has low water pressure can be a sign of a plumbing problem?

Blockages and leaks can cause a wide range of problems and you can make it worse by trying to fix them yourself, so it’s best to leave it to a plumbing expert to check it out.

HVAC system on side of house in beach haven nj

Air Conditioning

With temperatures that reach the 90s in the summer, the last thing you want is to be left with no air conditioning during a heat wave. While you can cool off by taking a dip in the water, this isn’t going to save you when you’re lying in a pool of your own sweat in the middle of the night.

Consult the experts to install or repair your AC so you aren’t melting along with your summer popsicles. We offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair so you don’t have to suffer or be held in long waiting queues when your AC unit suddenly gives out.

We also offer maintenance and inspections of your air conditioning system to ensure it’s running properly. A tune-up involves replacing filters, checking coolant levels, performing an inspection, and testing your system.

This ultimately saves you on energy costs, extends the lifespan of your AC system, and keeps your AC running optimally. There’s no problem with your air conditioning that we can’t fix or replace.

Water Heating

Just as there are scorching hot summer days, so too are there blistering cold frigid water system. Thankfully, we offer a range of hot water tanks to keep your beach house visitors nice and toasty while they shower inside or outside.

From gas and electric to tankless water heaters, we offer both installation and service repairs on all different kinds. We’ll check for any efficient performance or malfunctions with your water heater and can usually repair it within a single trip.

We won’t waste your time by arriving late or being unprepared. You can expect us to arrive at your house promptly and ready to work. After assessing the problems with your water heater, we will make a recommendation based on the age of your water heater, the problems that are present, and whether or not it would be a better investment in the long run for you to replace it.

A tankless water heater can gain you an extra 5 years on the overall lifespan and bring your water up to temperature within just 15 seconds.

Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling Will Get the Job Done Right

At Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we offer year-round emergency service to address all of your HVAC and plumbing needs. We offer 3-year warranties on plumbing installations as well as financing options so you don’t need to deal with clogged drains and leaks due to budget limitations.

We can install or repair heating and cooling systems with 2-year warranties on our hot water tanks. We won’t ever make unnecessary replacements because if something can be repaired, we’re the best in the area to do it.

We’ll help you lower your energy bills and extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system by recommending the most efficient systems and performing regular maintenance. Contact us at 609-361-2727 today to request a service or speak with one of our technicians.

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